Our all-inclusive turnkey package is at your side throughout the entire project phase

We can give you professional advice when selecting and implementing your mobile fire alarm system and bringing it into operation. As your technically expert partner, we’ll help you at every stage of the project, for example by coordinating with design professionals/the Fire Brigade/building authorities to plan, set up and maintain your system. When it comes to installing your system and providing on-going support, we work closely with our own expert partners. And, if time is of the essence, we have an express service for urgent deliveries. We’ll also take radio range and coverage measurements, on request.


First send us all the most important information about the project, such as what you aim to achieve, the plans, fire protection assessments, alarm retransmission, surrounding environment and deadlines. Working together with you, we’ll then use this data to develop a tailor-made design and offer for a mobile fire alarm system (MOBS) that meets all your specific requirements. If necessary, we’ll draw on the resources of design professionals, the Fire Brigade and the building authorities. On request, we can also provide on-site consulting, either directly, by a member of our own team, or by one of our trusted MOBS partners in your area.


Based on the information you have already provided, we can then put together the best possible mobile fire alarm system (MOBS) for you and plan its installation and implementation. When selecting the detectors, we take into account the surrounding environmental conditions to prevent false alarms being triggered. We also pay close attention to how alarm retransmission is handled and how evacuation measures can be supported.

Simple assembly

Every delivery includes a range of different assembly accessories. Our mobile fire alarm systems are usually installed by one of our expert MOBS partners and specialist companies, in compliance with DIN 14675, or by an appropriately qualified specialist electrician. If you would prefer to install the system in-house, we can provide technical help and instructions for its commissioning.


MOBS systems are maintained and serviced by expert staff in our technical customer service department, either at C.M. Heim GmbH’s company site, or on request, during business hours at your own premises.

We offer maintenance contracts with different service levels (quarterly, annually, bi-annually) for all our MOBS systems, depending on customer requirements. MOBS Supervisors can perform simple maintenance tasks such as replacing batteries themselves. This reduces maintenance costs.


Once their mobile fire alarm system has been installed, we offer our customers professional training courses about their system to ensure their system functions correctly and reliably. The aim is to prevent user error, damage, false or incorrect alarms and faults and therefore increase operating safety.

Companies can also have us train up their own employees to become MOBS Supervisors (Qualified Person, EQ level 3, see DIN 14675). After that, the customer can have their Supervisor perform less complex maintenance tasks and therefore reduce maintenance costs.

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We'll be happy to help you select the best mobile fire alarm system for your needs and answer all your questions in person.

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