MOBS receivers – options

Additional options for the OAM optical-acoustic detector receiver and the KFE portable receiver

The following options are available for the OAM optical-acoustic detector receiver and the KFE portable receiver:

for the OAM optical-acoustic detector receiver:

– Networking option
Several MOBS systems can run simultaneously in large buildings. The OAM optical-acoustic-detector receivers can be fitted with the networking option so that all the alarms can be assessed at one central location. This enables the OAMs to exchange information wirelessly.

– Professional mobile radio option
Many plant fire-fighting units use professional mobile radio devices. The professional mobile radio option wirelessly links the MOBS to the professional mobile radio device. When a fire alarm is triggered, a message is sent to the receiving device e.g. the Fire Brigade command centre, or transferred to a patrol, via the professional mobile radio device. We’ll be happy to check whether your professional mobile radio device is compatible with MOBS.

for the KFE portable receiver:

– Flashing light/siren option
The KFE portable receiver forwards the alarm via the automatic telephone dialler. If you also want on-site workers to be warned, the KFE can also be fitted with a flashing light and a siren.

– GSM mobile telephony option
If the installation site doesn’t have an analogue connection (TAE6N/fax machine connection), the GSM option enables information to be transferred via a built-in GSM radio modem. You can then transmit voice messages or digital messages.

for OAM and KFE:

– Arm/disarm option
This option enables you to arm or disarm the FBM radio motion detector, the FDM radio manual call point or the FRM radio smoke detector. The detectors can be armed or disarmed either via a menu option or via a radio remote control unit. The event log records every time the detector is armed/disarmed.

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