MOBS – Notes for insurance

Maintain insurance cover during renovations and avoid increases in premiums

The risk of fire increases significantly when renovation work is being carried out. Large-scale renovations represent an increased insurance risk and therefore have to be reported to insurance companies more frequently. Having the MOBS mobile fire alarm system monitor the affected areas can help you maintain your insurance cover or avoid an increase in premiums. Wirelessly networked mobile fire detectors are the ideal solution for monitoring all the relevant areas of a building site in sites where there is a complex built environment, or at large extended sites where many workers are working in parallel. Not only can you meet insurance requirements, but also increase safety at every phase, to protect the workforce, employees, visitors or the building itself in an emergency.


Protection against loss of insurance cover

Even if VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH does not have any guidelines about mobile systems, its VdS 2021 guideline does recommend that mobile fire alarm systems are deployed on building sites:

„[…] mobile fire detectors for warning and evacuating building sites can also contribute to the improved protection of property at building sites, if the insurance company and the local Fire Brigade can ensure that properly qualified fire-fighting measures are implemented at the correct time. […]“


Example: Installation of a new sprinkler system

Our MOBS mobile fire alarm systems can be installed during the construction phase until a built-in system is permanently in place, and also if this system is disabled or being maintained.

If specific parts of the building are to be renovated or refurbished without affecting daily work routines, it is even more essential that the fire protection measures cover all aspects of safety requirements for users throughout the construction work. Measures must be put in place to compensate for disabled or defective fire detection and sprinkler systems.




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