How MOBS works

Find out how the MOBS mobile fire alarm system works here


The FRM radio smoke detectors are hung up near the ceiling.

The MOBS can be fitted with a multitude of different fire detectors. Not only do they comply with the standard, but they are highly efficient in avoiding false alarms. When the detectors detect a fire, they send an alarm message to the detector receiver via radio.

On-site alarm

The detector receiver warns the people on site with a built-in siren and a flashing light. If required, additional radio sirens can be used.

Alarm retransmission

In addition to the on-site warning, it may be necessary to inform the fire brigade or a security service immediately.

There are several different ways to retransmit alarms:

  • switch contacts for connecting to an existing fire alarm system
  • with an automatic dialler and voice announcement to a telephone subscriber
  • to an emergency call service control centre, using an automatic dialler and the VdS 2465-S2 protocol
  • with (analogue or digital) professional mobile radio and voice announcement or text message to a patrol
  • by displaying it on the new browser-based platform.

Note: We do not recommend alarm retransmission via SMS because the delivery time is not guaranteed.

People present can be warned and evacuated at the right time. When a fire is detected, it can therefore be extinguished quickly.

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