Benefits of MOBS

You can see the many benefits of MOBS here

Easy to commission

The MOBS systems are completely configured. They are easy to hang up and switch on.


We have been developing and producing the MOBS mobile fire alarm system for over 26 years. We have gathered experience in numerous customer projects, in different operating conditions. MOBS has undergone continual improvement, ensure very high levels of reliability.

Big range

MOBS has a much greater range than other radio fire alarm systems. We consider it very important to have a specially big range between radio smoke detectors and the receiver unit: 1800 m in open countryside and between approximately 70 and 300 m in town.

The right solution for every project

Number of detectors:
One MOBS can be used for a wide range of applications, whether it is for welding work with four FRM radio smoke detectors or large construction sites with several hundred FRM radio smoke detectors.

The right sensor:
Every environment has its own special features and needs the right sensor. MOBS provides you with the right sensor, whether it is for smoke, heat, multiple-criteria detectors, combustible gas, manual detectors or linear detectors.

Quick service

If there is an emergency, we can provide you with a rapid-response service with shortened delivery time. Please ask us for more information!

Complies with all standards for mobile fire alarm systems

The EN 54-7 standard describes the minimum response behaviour of permanently installed fire detectors. However, the ability to withstand dust and steam is also especially important on building sites. Our long-term partnerships with our sensor suppliers, and our experience in fire detection technology guarantee that MOBS will work reliably.
The fewer false alarms, the less on-costs.

Service and maintenance

Normal batteries and long sensor maintenance intervals mean low operating costs.

Contact us for no-obligation advice

We'll be happy to help you select the best mobile fire alarm system for your needs and answer all your questions in person.

Telephone: +49 (0)7054 9323-0


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