History of the AURICH II hay temperature probe

A success story since 1970

In 1970, an initiative from the Ostfriesische Landschaftliche Brandkasse in Aurich, Germany, led to the creation of the first hay temperature probe, the AURICH probe. Since then, an on-going development program has kept the AURICH probe at the forefront of technology. Most recently, the probe was equipped with an easy-to-use digital meter.

The AURICH II hay temperature probe has already proven itself in use 10,000 times, so modern farmers can rely on it to take measurements in their hay stacks quickly. It displays the temperature of the hay as soon as the lance enters the stack. That saves the farmer a lot of time. The slim lance can even be pushed into compressed bales with very little effort.

The increased demands for quality faced by agricultural businesses has resulted in the AURICH II hay temperature probe increasingly also being used to measure the temperature in grain heaps.

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