Frequently-asked questions about MOBS

All you need to know about MOBS

Having the right fire protection saves lives. This overview of the most frequently asked questions about the MOBS technology, leasing arrangements and general information should help you answer your initial questions.

General questions about the MOBS mobile fire alarm system

How much does it cost, and where can I buy MOBS?
Which rules and regulations are involved?
When is a mobile fire alarm system a requirement?
What options does a MOBS system have for creating documentation?
Where is my nearest MOBS sales partner?

Technical questions about the MOBS mobile fire alarm system

How many detectors do I need?
Can I also send SMSses?
Do I always need a detector receiver?
How big is the detector’s range?
Do I need special batteries for the radio smoke detectors?
Can I connect the MOBS to a permanently installed fire alarm system?
Which detector components are needed?

Questions about leasing a MOBS mobile fire alarm system

Do I need special training so that I can use it?
What happens if a leased MOBS system gets damaged?
Is there a limit to the leasing period?

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