Fire protection during tunnel construction

Fire protection plays a crucial role when tunnels are being built because a fire in a tunnel can quickly turn into a major catastrophe.

A mobile fire detection and evacuation system for use in tunnel construction typically consists of radio smoke detectors and mobile evacuation units. It is to protect the construction workers and the technology and also to comply with the project plan.

If a fire breaks out, a tunnel acts like a chimney because oxygen is constantly pulled into it. The longer the tunnel, the greater the suction effect. The fire is able to spread more quickly and the tunnel quickly fills with smoke and fumes.

Building a tunnel also involves a number of unusual circumstances: Vehicles and devices that are at a high risk of fire, such as excavators, transformer stations and pumps, work in places that are difficult to access, deep inside the mountain. Digging out a tunnel creates large amounts of dust and steam, which pose significant challenges for fire detectors.

MOBS not only meets all the standards for mobile fire alarm systems (EN 54-7), but is also especially resistant to interference cause by dust and steam. Our long-term partnerships with our sensor suppliers, and our experience in fire detection technology guarantee that MOBS will work reliably.

Further applications of MOBS