Renovation of an office building

In most cases, office work must continue as normal when a high-rise office block is being renovated. MOBS helps you identify risks at an early stage and evacuate people in time, in an emergency.

People keep working in the offices while a high-rise office building is being renovated. MOBS monitors the building site to protect the workforce and the building.

Refurbishing buildings without interrupting normal everyday use is an enormous challenge, not least because building workers or employees can be injured, or the building itself can get damaged, if the worst happens. If specific parts of the building are to be renovated or refurbished without affecting daily work routines, it is even more essential that the fire protection measures cover all aspects of safety requirements for users throughout the renovation work. Measures must be put in place to compensate for disabled or defective fire detection and sprinkler systems. Wirelessly networked mobile fire detectors are the ideal solution for monitoring all the relevant areas of a building site on sites where there is a complex built environment, or at large extended sites where many workers are working in parallel. Our MOBS mobile fire alarm systems can be installed during the construction phase until a built-in system is permanently in place, and also if this system is disabled or being maintained.

MOBS can be fitted with a multitude of different fire detectors. Not only are these detectors fully compliant with the standards, but they are also designed to be particularly robust and easy to install and operate. Our systems are fully configured and merely need to be hung up and switched on. The MOBS Supervisor can modify the system on a daily basis so that it exactly matches the on-site requirements. You could even say the fire alarm system „follows“ the building site as it moves through the building.

Further applications of MOBS