Fire protection on large construction sites

Fire protection on large construction sites is a special challenge for safety officers

For occupational protection on large construction sites (in compliance with ASR 2.2, German occupational safety law) and to ensure the move-in date is achieved

A lot of different types of work, such as welding, flame cutting, abrasive cutting or soldering, which create a potential fire hazard, is performed on building sites. In additional, unfortunately, despite precautionary measures and bans, it is frequently the case that some easily inflammable materials are not secured in the best way, open paint tins are left standing around, waste materials are not disposed of or cigarettes are thrown away without a thought for the consequences.

The hectic hustle and bustle and the constant failure to keep escape routes open on building sites quickly result in chaos and panic when things go wrong. A fire that is discovered too late can have disastrous consequences.

The more building work has progressed, the more potential physical damage and also the more people will be on a building site. For this reason, fire protection must be prioritise from beginning to end.

When MOBS is in use, you can detect fires, report hazards identified by staff and warn and evacuate the people on the building site.

Further applications of MOBS