A hospital is renovated while operating normally

One wing of the hospital is renovated while the other parts of the hospital are operating normally. The earlier an alarm is triggered, the more patients can be rescued in an emergency!

At night, MOBS monitors the building site. The earlier an alarm is triggered, the more patients can be rescued!

It is more and more common for buildings such as hospitals to undergo technical renovations or conversion while they are operating normally. When this happens, all impacts on patients and hospital staff must be kept to an absolute minimum. Besides ensuring that the power supplies, heating, sanitary facilities and ventilation systems are safe, the technical safety issues such as fire protection must also be covered.

The MOBS mobile fire alarm system monitors the building site during building work and during the night, so it can alarm the right people quickly if there is a fire. The earlier patients are evacuated, the more can be rescued in an emergency!

All our mobile fire alarm systems are custom builds for our customers and their place of use. They undergo multiple test runs before they are delivered. We also offer an express service for especially urgent cases. For more information, please contact us.

Further applications of MOBS