Halls and storage tents without a fixed fire alarm system

Don't forget about fire protection while your fire alarm system is being serviced or in rented halls and storage tents

Goods that are of high value or especially at risk of fire are stored in warehouses on temporary leases.

Goods that are of high value or especially at risk of fire are in temporary storage and must be monitored. Containers from other companies are also stored in the same hall, and represent an additional risk. Installing a radio smoke detector in the container guarantees peace of mind.

Not every rented storage facility or temporary warehouse tent has a fire detection and sprinkler system. Even if it’s not really worthwhile fitting a permanently installed fire alarm system, you still need a fire protection system to protect the goods you have in storage. The same applies when your fire detection and extinguishing systems are out of action because of a fault or because they are being serviced.

MOBS can help you handle these situations quickly, effectively, and, above all reliably. MOBS is not a replacement for your permanently installed fire alarm system: it’s a sensible addition to it.

Further applications of MOBS