Fire protection during events

No matter whether it's an open-air festival, an indoor event or a sporting event – the venue needs a dedicated and reliable fire protection system

Inadequate fire protection measures are identified. A lot of time is needed for planning, tendering, awarding and implementing suitable fire protection. MOBS monitors the building until the defects have been resolved.

Concerts, large-scale media events, trade fairs, conventions or a international football championships – the list of potential events is almost infinite. But they all have one thing in common: the large numbers of people involved, the frequent use of technology, interior decorations and other special elements mean that particular caution is required. Potential sources of fire, such as candles, spotlights or fuel paste (e.g. as used in catering) are not uncommon.

Many events take place in enclosed locations or confined spaces where there is no guarantee that an adequate ventilation system is present. Organisers also often choose locations that were not designed as event venues, such as old industrial facilities, tented structures or historical buildings. These venues often have neither a permanently installed fire alarm system nor a sufficient number of escape routes. A fire can soon cause mass panic.

A fire outbreak during an event must be detected immediately. With MOBS, you can detect fires, report dangers identified by members of staff and, in the worst case, evacuate visitors and staff quickly.

Further applications of MOBS