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In 1973, just three years after finishing his degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Carl Michael Heim set up a one-man company that developed and manufactured electronic and high-precision mechanical devices. In the summer of 1977, his one-man enterprise became a limited company (a GmbH). His son, Mark Heim, is also a graduate of the University of Stuttgart (with a degree in electrical engineering) and has been actively managing the company as its Managing Director since the beginning of 2004.


MOBS Mobile Fire Alarm System

The first MOBS mobile fire alarm system was developed in 1989, as part of a cooperative venture with an insurance company. This is now our main area of business. MOBS mobile fire alarm system are installed to monitor places that are at risk of fire for short periods, for example after work involving a heat source, such as welding, grinding or tar insulation. MOBS monitors hospitals, historical monuments and industrial sites to protect people and buildings. We have been able to secure our leading position in the mobile fire alarm system sector by working closely with customers, constantly developing MOBS and acquiring ever greater market shares.

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AURICH II hay temperature probe

In 1970, in response to the danger posed by spontaneous combustion in haystacks, which had happened more and more often in the previous few decades, an initiative by the Ostfriesische Landschaftliche Brandkasse in Aurich, Germany, led to the development of the first electronic hay temperature probe, the AURICH probe. We have been manufacturing the AURICH II hay temperature probe since 1981. It measures the temperature inside a haystack. If the farmer stores damp hay in the haystack, a biological process causes the hay to heat up. The AURICH II hay temperature probe measures the temperature at the heart of the haystack quickly and easily so you can avoid a haystack fire. If the measured temperature is considered critical, preventative measures can be put in place at the right time. From its launch date to now, the incidence of haystack fires has been reduced by more than 80%, thanks to the AURICH II hay temperature probe.


Our charity work

We’ve supported the work of the Weraheim children’s‘ home and the ┬áSternenbr├╝cke children’s‘ hospice. for many years. Please do find out about how these organisations help and assist families in need.


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